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Why, When, and What.


Cindy and I have leased and managed two domains prior

to SSOL. In early 2000 we taught ourselves basic HTML, FTP

and Adobe Photoshop. We sold our photography online

and had very limited personal sites. Neither if us considered

our lives, work, or opinions would be of any interest to

the wider world.

Enter V-chat, Face Book, and You Tube. The world

changed. Now everybody is a pundit and you can get an

opinion on anything. See Twitter. Some people enjoy a

very comfortable lifestyle as an "influencer." Sounds

like a job for someone with no small amount of gravitas, personal

integrity, and reverence for life. It also has great appeal

for politicians and sociopaths.

SSOL will be our diary. A mini-Meta slice of life devoid of

the sciences of manipulation, data mining, and viewpoint

censorship. It will be our way to contemplate life and the

prism through which we view it. I regret not starting this

in 2000, especially in regards to our family ancestry. Now

is the time.



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