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New Addition

Words can not adequately convey how much

our dog, Lulu, meant to me. For over 16 years,

every morning, she could be found at the

picture window waiting for me to come home

from the midnight shift. Congenial, smart,

and loyal she was everything a companion

could be. It was painful to watch her age and

loose her physical vibrancy. But I could always

get down close, hear her huff in satisfaction, look

at her eye-to-eye, and see the love in my

wonderful four-legged child. She died in


Scooter aka "Puff Daddy," has been with us for

nine years. He is a certified lap dog, devoted and

affectionate. He nearly died last year from an

urinary obstruction. He goes where we go. No

kennel. I feel too responsible. We are his family.

Last week, Cindy's mothering instincts were in

full bloom. We did a rescue adoption with

"Wags and Whiskers." Otis is a mutt, just like

all the previous kin. At three months, he

makes baby squirrels look big. Watch where

you step.


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