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About Logan

“You are whatever you shall leave behind when you leave life!”
― Mehmet Murat ildan

Logan Michael Barnhart left behind a wonderful love for family, friends, and his wife.  This page is a memorial to him for his courage in sickness and his upbeat personality. 

From Logan and Nicole's "Chimney Rock" trip


 Road Trip - Draw Bridge

Endless sky-bridges at UAB

The Cost of Cancer

Logan was a gift to us, announcing himself

a few months after a very sorrow-filled miscarriage.  He was born at the Vicksburg Medical Center, in Mississippi, where Brian was employed as the Director of Nursing.

If there could exist, one overarching theme to describe a person, for Logan, that would be his generous measure of insouciance and grace in both trial and triumph.  He was nearly always the smallest child amongst his classmates, and slower to develop.  He was honest, inoffensive, differential, and rarely a risk-taker.  He never whined or complained, he was careful in his emotions, a polite stoic.  He was just beginning to find a direction in life in his second year at University.  That journey of discovery was to be subsumed by a struggle for survival after a medical exam for a loss of coordination in his right hand. 

Diagnosed with astrocytoma of the brain at age 25, he spent the next eleven years enduring both the cancer and treatment's progressive, irreversible and life-altering effects. 

We lived one day at a time, from MRI to MRI, from one surgery to the other, one tissue biopsy to the next.  There were many small miracles along the way.  The cancer always returned.  Borrowed time. 

The last year of his life we lodged for seven months in a rental home near Birmingham so he could participate in a clinical trial.  We traveled 1500 miles a week, ate on the road, hope and cried together, and got close. He lived just over two months after the cessation of chemotherapy. 

Logan was blessed with his marriage to his long-term girlfriend Nicole while in Hospice and the loyal, enduring companionship of his cousin Andrew. 


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