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A Word About WiX.

When we set about to establish another online presence

(other than Facebook) to showcase our photography,

region, and ancestry, it had been more then a decade since

we had used any of the applications common to the

industry, to any significant degree.

Back in the day, we "cut our teeth" on Adobe Photoshop

CS2, spec'd and then assembled our own custom personal

computer with a Window's 7 OS, read about studio lighting

from David Newman, and tried to master digital printing. We

studied the posing and shading artistry of Vermeer, Rembrandt,

Turner, and Hopper.

Present day, it seems my IPhone 14 can do in seconds what

I use to labor on for hours. I anticipated a steep learning, curve.

Our first attempt involved Bluehost/WordPress. I don't fault

them an iota and they refunded my money without any

hassle, but after a week of effort the application was as

much an enigma to me as Hilbert's sixth problem and

cattle mutilations.

WiX, the application in use on this site, has proved

sufficiently user-friendly that you can read this post

and it didn't take me all day to create it. I opted

to upgrade to a Premium package for two years.


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